WA - BROOKTON - Gateway to the Central South of WA and Home of the Old Time Motor Show.

Looking for a new and exciting place to live or visit - then leave the confines of the city and venture east 138 kilometers to BROOKTON.

Travel to Brookton via the upgraded Brookton Highway, which winds it's way throughout the picturesque Darling Scarp and Flint State Forest (formerly the Dale Forest), opening up into undulating farm land.

BROOKTON is a thriving rural town, that nestles on the edge of the Flint Forest and a leisurely and interesting one hour and a half hour drive from Perth.

The Shire of BROOKTON covers an area of 1626 square kilometres and includes the localities of Kweda, Aldersyde and Jelcobine with a population of approximately 1100 people. The township is well appointed with modern facilities including 20 hectares of parks and gardens.

Have the best of both worlds!

Living or visiting BROOKTON amongst the natural surroundings and peaceful environment whilst being only an hour and a half from the city. Enjoy the luxury of walking down the street in a relaxed atmosphere and being greeted by locals.

BROOKTON offers plenty to see and do, so drop by the Tourism and Information Centre and see what our town has to offer you and your family