Sitting majestically in the upper Pioneer Valley some 65km west of Mackay. Finch Hatton is located near the end of the Pioneer Valley, before the steep Range road climb of 1100 metres to Eungella. Finch Hatton is surrounded by fields of lush sugar cane and mountains of rich rain forest of the Clarke Ranges.

Named after Henry Finch Hatton who lead the first European assent of Mount Dalrymple. The town was established in the early 1900’s .

With the constructions of The Cattle Creek Mill in 1918, came the Railway line. Finch Hatton was a lively and booming town.

With the closure of the Mill and the Railway line, Finch Hatton has become a quiet picturesque town and is the gateway to the Finch Hatton Gorge, and Eungella National Park