Kerang is the gateway to beautiful lakes and waterways and one of the largest Ibis colonies in Australia. Each Spring over 200,000 Ibis nest in the Reedy Lake Sanctuary regarded as one of the largest Ibis breeding grounds in the world.

Just imagine 200,000 Ibis, these birds are a truly spectacular sight!

'A 'must see for yourself' experienced live!'

The experience goes on, as the sun sets you can view these prehistoric birds soar high in the sky, and then return home in V formation at dusk.

The Kerang township is the home to many historic buildings lending a delightful atmosphere to the town. Discover the antique shop and indulge yourself at the bakery Kerang township has lots more waiting for you to discover!

Over recent years investment in the region has been strong, many people looking for a change of lifestyle have found just what they were looking for in Kerang. Kerang offers very affordable industrial land and housing, a further delight to those deciding to settle in Kerang.

Kerang is part of the Regions myriad of 57 lakes, swamps and marshes that form one of Australia's most important wetlands.

You will love Lake Cullen's Black Swans up to 8000 have been sited on this lake at one time and 51 waterbird species recorded.

There are loads of activities for both residents and visitors including: bushwalking, camping, yachting, bird watching, fishing, canoeing or swimming.

Kerang has accommodation available to suit every one with a range of hotel and motel accommodation Caravan parks and great camping locations are available throughout the region.