TASMANIA - LAUNCESTON - Gateway to the Tamar Valley Wine Route.

Launceston is the 3rd oldest City in Australia and the economic Capital of Tasmania.

Extremes of weather are rare, an even temperature across the seasons, make for a comfortable, predictable atmosphere, well suited to take a break at the many on street dining facilities in the CBD and Suburbs.

10 minutes walk from the central city is Launceston's premier tourist attraction - the natural beauty of the Cataract Gorge. The gorge and cliffgrounds complete with peacocks are ideal settings for weddings or an alfresco meal. You must not miss the view of the Cliff Grounds and Swimming Pool area from the chairlift, which is the largest single span chairlift in the world.

There are many different trails to explore in the Gorge which can be accessed from either side. A sealed winding track leads to the cliffgrounds, while the unsealed rocky Zig Zag Track which takes about 30 minutes, will come out at the 1st Basin Swimming Pool. A suspension bridge or causeway provides access to either side. From the suspension bridge a further 30 minute walk leads to the ruins of the historic Duck Reach Power Station, which was swept away in the 1929 Launceston floods. Mementoes of the floods and engineering details are preserved at the power station.

Another attraction in the City includes the Penny Royal WaterMill, where you can inspect a windmill, take a ride on a restored Launceston Tram or have a meal at the Owl's Nest Restaurant. The Penny Royal is unique in that the original owner of the development located it deep in the Midlands of Tasmania and relocated it stone by stone to Launceston as part of Penny Royal World.

Accommodation for visitors to Launceston includes backpacker hostels, the caravan park The Launceston International Hotel, self catering in historic cottages and hotels throughout the city.

The isolation shared by all other Tasmanian communities because of being an island state, sometimes makes us come up with new ways of doing business.

Growth and Employment opportunities are assisted by Launceston's innovative work developing the area as a centre of educational excellence. Launceston's educational institutions include special needs schools, private and public schools, Tafe Colleges, plus the Northern Campus of the University of Tasmania and the Australian Maritime College.

The technopark as a base for national call centres provides employment for locals and prestige for the city.

The elaunceston regional portal has assisted the people of the North East region to become more familiar of internet technologies.