THE PYRENEES SHIRE is package of natural scenic beauty, some extraordinary examples of early Australian and European influenced architecture, gold history, and the wine industry the Pyrenees.

Towns in the Pyrenees Shire:

BEAUFORT - Gold was discovered in Beaufort in 1852. Fiery Creek was the centre of a gold rush several years later. Beaufort is now a strong agricultural, pastoral and timber area.

AVOCA - nestles at the eastern base of the Pyrenees Ranges, and was one of the first goldfields in the north western area of Victoria which produced one of the richest finds anywhere in the world.

LEXTON - In the beginning the Aboriginal Clan'Galgal balug', translated as 'the people with tame dogs', were the original inhabitants of the area now known as Lexton. (original name Burnbank).

Other Towns include; Chute, Amphitheatre, Waterloo, Raglan, Mt Lonarch.